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For those of you who are not lucky enough to live in Durham, NC right now…don’t worry.  Audre Lorde and I both believe in long-distance love.


Check out the new Lorde inspired Brilliance Remastered Webinars for visionary underrepresented graduate students and community accountable scholars here:


(School of Our Lordeians in Chicago!)

Greetings loved ones,
You are so inspiring.  Thank you for being part of the School of Our Lorde distance learning community and social network.  I am so proud and thrilled to be accountable to you!!!
So this is a major announcement.  Because of some very useful feedback (I love it when you speak up) I have decided to shift the distance-learning method to the web-cam webinar! Yay! We’ll be using ****LIVESTREAM.COM  Because I crave the sight of you and several of you crave a more sustained and tangible engagement with the School of Our Lorde process our next unit PUBLISHING will consist of 3 webinars.  Please save the dates:
Mondays in May (10, 17, 24) at from 7:30-9:30 EST

and meet us at .   You will be able to see and hear me and see the brilliant words of your  fellow webinar participants and to ask questions via live chat.  If you want to gather more folks in front of your computer that is much welcomed.  Everyone will be invited to donate what they can/want to via paypal. Sponsorships from other folks who will benefit from your amplified brilliance are also welcome to sponsor you and absolutely everyone who makes the commitment to participate by emailing an application with their goals and intentions is welcome.

You can find the applications for each unit here:

Can’t wait to see your faces!!! Yay!

AND this summer I will re-run the Poetics, Pedagogy and Politics Unit Via Webinar (also a great chance for those who missed out in Durham to participate while I’m on the road with the MobileHomeComing Tour)…

save the dates and tell your friends same times same place…consider this the new online version of the Inspiration Station

POETICS-Wednesdays in June broadcasting on the road with the MobileHomeComing Tour (6/2, 6/9, 6/16)  7:30-9:30 EST
PEDAGOGY- Wednesdays (6/30, 7/7, 7/14)   broadcasting live from Anguilla  7:30-9:30 EST
POLITICS- Wednesdays  (7/28, 8/4, 8/11) 7:30-9:30 EST

This site will continue to exist as a repository for documents and a place for School of Our Lorde participants to continue to connect and build with each other until further notice.

What do you think? Let me know!
I’m so excited.
Your love transforms me!!!


You can participate in the School of Our Lorde long-distance in  3 ways:

Host Your Own Satellite Campus!:

Why not have School of Our Lorde at your organization or in YOUR living room!? If you can gather 5 or more people to participate in any unit you can get a course packet with the course readings and worksheets to guide you through each session.  You can also participate (along with other satellite campuses) in a monthly interactive BrightTalk session and office hours on LiveStream and communicate with fellow students in the School of Our Lorde Social Network:

Our vision is that each Satellite Campus will be able to make a sliding scale contribution of $75-200 per unit. No group will be turned away.

To become a host, email with what session you’d like to host and your vision!

Independent Study:

Let us know how the School of Our Lorde poetics, pedagogy, politics of publishing process can support something you are working on with/for your community.  You will get a course packet and worksheets.   You can also participate (along with other satellite campuses) in a monthly interactive BrightTalk session and office hours on LiveStream and 24/7 on the School of Our Lorde Social Network:

Fill out the application for the appropriate unit here:

and get 7 people to financially support your participation.  Our hope is that each independent student will raise between $50-150 to contribute to the School of Our Lorde.  No one will be turned away!

Lorde as Our Witness:

You can participate in the School of our Lorde through this blog.  There will be video blog updates and reflections from the local participants and you can always post comments and questions here and I’ll respond.  Feel free to spread the good news in your community so one day you can host a School of Our Lorde institute where you live!

3 thoughts on “Distance Learning

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  2. I’d like to integrate at least one unit from the School of our Lorde into my seminar on Black feminist thought this semester. Please advise whether it would be better to set up a satellite campus or do the independent study option. My students would be most interested in in the segments on politics and pedagogy.

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