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Make/Shift Cosponsors The Fullness Daylong Institute on Erotic Power

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We are so proud and excited that our FAVORITE feminist magazine make/shift is a cosponsor of The Fullness:  Mobile Homecoming’s  Audre Lorde Inspired All Day Institute on Erotic Power at Creating Change in Houston next week!


We are still fundraising to house and care for our awesome intergenerational facilitation team and the next few folks who donate can get some of our favorite classic issues of make/shift featuring beautiful articles by our favorite cutting edge transformative feminist writers most of which are not available anywhere online.





DONATE here:

After you donate email us at and let us know your mailing address and which issues you would like.

Donations of 20+ get you the two issues you want, 30+ gets you 3 issues, 40+ gets you 4 issues and 50+ gets you the five issues of your choice while supplies last.

Here are the issues we have and highlights in each of them to help you choose*

issue3Issue #3

Awesome collage of the Women of Color Bloggers at the Allied Media Conference

Interview with Mia Mingus by Irena Contreras

Creative Alliances Through Shared Criminality by Brownfemipower

On Prisons, Borders, Safety and Privilege: Open Letter to White Feminists by Jessica Hoffman

Photo on 2014-01-27 at 09.10Issue #5

Entrevista con Maricruz Diaz by Fabiola Sandoval

What You Started: Letters to Black Feminist Ancestors by Moya Bailey, Lisa C. Moore, Aishah Shahidah Simmons and Lex

Loving an “Enemy” by Lisa Factora Borchers

Awake by Brownfemipower

Photo on 2014-01-27 at 08.58 Issue #6

Poetry by Ching-In Chen

Article on Speak Women of Color Media Collective

Because We Still Are Here (Women of Color in Solidarity with Palestine) edited by Mai’a Williams and Lex

Resexing Trans by Kai Kohlsdorf


Why Misogynists Make Great Informants by Courtney Desiree Morris

Poetry by Jade Foster

Shawty Got Skillz to Share (edited by Lex and featuring Moya Bailey, Zachari Curtis, Gwendolyn Long Robinson and Summer McDonald)

Brainy Burlesque by Charlotte Loftus

Photo on 2014-01-26 at 19.43Issue #8

Lex’s article M/other Ourselves: A Black Feminist Geneaology (or the Queer Thing)

An Interview with Pa’ti Garcia by Jessica Hoffman

Lex’s review of June Jordan’s His Own Where


Issue #9

Roundtable on Women of Color Organizing in Detroit by Adela Nieves

Pieces of Us: The Telling of Our Transformation (the Azolla Story’s Stacey Milbern, Mia Mingus and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha)

Lex’s memorial love poem for Marilyn Buck (and Lex’s review’s of Jordan Flaherty’s Floodlines)

Issue #10

An interview with artist Nikki Luna by Lisa Factora-Borchers

Me and Nicki Minaj by anna Saini

A Real Alternative: Holistic, Community-based Healthcare by Heather Bowlan

plus 3 reviews by Lex 🙂


Issue #11

Mobile Homecoming’s interview with author and artist Aurora Levins Morales

Eight Years Since by Tyrone Boucher

Lex’s review of Dean Spade’s Normal Life and Eric Stanley and Nat Smith’s Captive Genders


Issue #12

Letters from CeCe McDonald

Lex’s poem for Trayvon Martin Black Goes With Everything

An interview with Tiona McClodden by Tani Ikeda

Excerpt from “Collective Sun” a SpiritHouse liberation performance

*Basically every article in make/shift is our favorite article ever so if we don’t mention an article it is because we are trying not to overwhelm you with the awesomeness…

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