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Audre Lorde Resurrection Sunday #5: Call (Aido Hwedo is Coming)

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Launched on Nov. 17th 2013 on the 21st anniversary of Audre Lorde’s transition from an embodied warrior healer to an ancestral force, this is a weekly series of videos documenting and sharing my process of clarifying survival through a re-immersion in the words of Audre Lorde. To see all the videos so far check out:

[vimeo 82024649]

This week’s poem, “Call,” is one of my recent favorites. I read it as a ritual calling on the multiple names for the spirit of Black feminine transformative warrior energy. Early this year Black Women’s Blueprint did a powerful performance based on this poem during their annual event and I was reminded of how energizing and clarifying these words are. This week’s video also answers a call made by Dr. Gloria Joseph to think about Winnie Mandela and to lift up her name as we lift Nelson Mandela’s legacy up during this time of transition. This is one of several poems where Audre Lorde lifts the warrior name of Winnie Mandela and I also offer a distilled version of the poem with all of the powerful W words leading up to her name in this poem.

Our assignment for this week with gratitude as always to Doc Joseph is to call the names of those ancestors, those living warriors, those family members, ourselves who carry that Black Transformative Warrior Energy with us! Look in the mirror, look at the ocean, look at the wind and remember!

Every week as part of my practice of resurrecting Audre Lorde in my life and in our communities I will be making an alphabetical oracle from the weekly survival poem which will consist of up to 26 new poems based on the sacred source text. If you would like to receive a custom poem as a blessing for your journey you can with a donation of your choice to Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind’s School of Our Lorde!

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 1.01.44 AM
$10-20 one time donation:

A Black Feminist Oracle Poem (aka alphabetical found poem from within this week’s poem) sent directly to your inbox!

(Just include the intention you want blessed and a letter of the alphabet so I can distill your poem!)

Photo 128$30-100 (or a monthly sustainer rate of $5-15):

A 30-minute one on one Oracle Reading Session with an interpretation of your Black Feminist Oracle Poem.

(16 available)

$150-300 (or a monthly sustainer rate of $20-25):

An IN PERSON one on one Oracle Reading Session with an interpretation of your Black Feminist Oracle Poem when I am in your neck of the woods or when YOU are in Durham!

IMG_2943$1000-2000 (or $100+ sustainer rate):

A customized Audre Lorde based workshop for you and your crew including an installation of a Black Feminist Oracle activity for all participants when I am in your neck of the woods.

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