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We Are the Open We Need: The Brilliance Remastered Need Ensemble Opens Up!

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The brilliant and brave Brilliance Remastered Need Ensemble has me wide open, reaching into my dreams and the dreams of my ancestors.   Last night after working with Audre Lorde’s Coal and my brother Seneca’s teachings about the relationships between dreams, wisdom and nightmares we wrote this poem together.   May you be as open to it as you need to be.




We Are the Open We Need


“Love is a word, another kind of open.”

-Audre Lorde “Coal”


ancestors screaming in my ear: open

headache in the center of my forehead open

fears open. hate open. terrors open. light open

pain i can use, open

i been here before, open


got my heart and ears ready to hear whatever you have to say open

remembering grandmothers with cleansing tears open

got my door open come in any time type open

mountains open with wisdom and protection open

rocks under pillows open


letting the light in open

magic portals open

sky open


hitting the ground so that i CAN open

breathing so my breathing can breathe open

alchemizing wasted-blood-into-lifeblood open


spirit emerging through this physical body open

legs open mouth open nostrils flaring open

arms stretched wide ready to receive open

water rum juice and tea bladders open

shamefully open. embrassingly open.

listening to my body, open

ecstatic womb open

birth open


hands open

hands reached out to hold other hands open

hands up to the computer open


heart open

heart mind body break-through open

breaking down emotional walls open


sleeping under the stars open

dancing in the rain open

rural night sky open

tired, good tired open

fed souls–open

chest crackingly open

belly laughing out loud open


eyes open with clarity open

knowing i’m noteworthy open

nobody can see me who i can’t see open

dr. g arms open open

building community open

faith open



bars open

asylum open

borders open

church open

temples open

mosque open

altars open

mounds open

heaven open


consent open

lovers open

words open

need that tastes like love open

futures open

past open

now open

love open

faith open

ritual open

mothering ourselves open


in love with the souls making up this webinar open

seeing my reflection in you, open

saying your name in my prayers, open

seeing your smile open

universe open

we are the open we’ve been waiting for open

we are the open we need


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