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MotherOurselves BOOTCAMP January 7-9, 2011


take flight!

Because you love Audre Lorde…

Because you want to start the New Year off with your spirit in shape and a roadmap to follow…
Because “mother” is the most complicated word you have ever heard

Because you are craving a space of supportive women of color to continue the journey of healing that you are on…
MOTHER OURSELVES BOOTCAMP is an opportunity to use Audre Lorde’s wisdom to unpack our ideas about mothering and to consciously address internalized racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism with huge, miraculous transformative love.  MOTHER OURSELVES BOOTCAMP (all caps!!! 🙂 is also major milestone/outcome/accountability point in Lex’s years of research on Audre Lorde’s concept that “We can learn to mother ourselves,” and grows out of working with Zachari on the MotherOurselves workshop for Gumbo Yaya.
I invite you and women of color who you know and love to participate in a weekend-long (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) sustainable intensive which will include poetic activities, interactive movement and dance, sharing, support and transformation on a topic that impacts so many of us so deeply…the concept of mothering in our society.  It will also be the release of a limited edition poster of the Mother Ourselves Manifesta, which distills Audre Lorde’s advice into an everyday recitable reminder to mother ourselves and the Mother Ourselves Manual full of activities and quotations about mothering ourselves.   The Bootcamp will also be followed up by online chat MotherOurselves Check-Ins and podcasts all year long.
It would be an honor if you could participate in this revolutionary space!
To sign up…email To sign up…
email brokenbeautiful press with following information by December 1st

1. Contact Info
2. Goal for the weekend
3. Childcare/dietary and other accessibility needs
4. Whether you will need a place to stay
5.  and if at all possible make a donation of any amount towards supplies for the weekend with the word “bootcamp” in the notes.

If you do not live in Durham please respond as soon as possible (ideally by December 1) so that I can help to coordinate affordable and or free housing and even if you do live here in the center of the transforming universe…let me know so that I can get dibs on a large enough space for us that is accessible in all of the ways we need it to be!!!!!
LOVE and excitement!

4 thoughts on “MotherOurselves BOOTCAMP January 7-9, 2011

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  4. Hello Alexis,

    I am so excited about bootcamp! I know that with your help, love & genius plus the brilliance of the women that will be there, I will create and learn tools that will allow me to be more powerful and on purpose!

    much love

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