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Better to Read!


Because it is better to READ!

This Summer BrokenBeautiful Press presents Summer of Our Lorde: Radical Study and Intentional Healing.

Summer of our Lorde is a study group/community building project inspired by the work of black lesbian feminist mother warrior poet Audre Lorde.

In Durham, North Carolina SpiritHouse and Southerners on New Ground are co-sponsoring this series this summer.   We encourage you to read along wherever you are located.  See

Go to the THUS SAITH page to download the essays and get ideas for discussion questions!

Session I June-July: Uses of Anger: Women Responding to Racism
Online reading and discussion and small home tea party supplement talks inspired by Audre Lorde’s essay.

Set up a tea party…talk about this important essay with the people who already live in your house, work at your job, share in your life OR message Alexis and she’ll talk about it with you any time.

3rd week of July: Eye to Eye: Black Women Hatred and Anger or “We Can Learn to Mother Ourselves” (co-sponsored with SpiritHouse)
I envision this as a session centered around the voices and experiences of black women, but again inclusive of the communites we are accountable to across race and gender.

3rd week of August: Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power (co-sponsored with SONG)
I envision this as a session centered around the voices and experiences of queer and trans working class folks and people of color, but again inclusive of all. One key question that I think makes it generative to discuss this essay is the idea of “woman” energy that Lorde uses in it. What does it mean to be accountable to gender liberation and gender self-determination with a definition of the erotic?

email for more information!

Stay fly, wherever you are…

3 thoughts on “Better to Read!

  1. I’m so down it doesn’t make sense. I need this in my bones. I’m going to see if the Incite-DC folks are interested in a home tea…

  2. it is refreshing to know that women of color are organizing to exchange knowledge. just that alone does not happen enough, and we need to learn from one another. it’s imperative to know what we are fighting for, rather the fix our gaze solely on what we are fighting against. and please let me know if incite d.c. has anything going on.

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